Tenerife and La Gomera

In the winter of 2014/2015 we went to Austria, which was very cold and snowy. This winter we wanted to do it differently and go some nice warm place. The Canary Islands looked very nice, and we decided rather quickly to go there. While planning we saw that Tenerife and the neighbouring island La Gomera are completely different from each other but both are still very interesting, so we booked a week on each island.


Part 1: Tenerife

The island of Tenerife is the biggest of all Canary Islands, and its complete landscape is dominated by the big Volcano El Teide which has its crater in the middle of the island at a height of 3718m above sea level. We stayed in the capital city called Santa Cruz de Tenerife and is located at the North East side of the island. From there we visit all interesting places around the island by car. We started by visited the central part of the island, which is mostly occupied by National Park El Teide.

El Teide
View from the cablecar mountainstation on mount El Teide

Later we visited the biggest Zoo on the island, called Loro Parque, which is on the North side of the island and has many different animals, from monkeys to penguins and jellyfish to red pandas. I did not add all photos, but here’s a small selection.

Red Panda in the Loro Parque

The other days we were visiting various places, where we saw a lot of beautiful landscapes. Several were the beautiful black beaches on the north side of the island, caused by the volcanic activity and the vast outlooks on El Teide, which is visible from almost anywhere on the island.

The last day on Tenerife we visited the monkey park, where as the name indicates they mostly keep monkeys. Near many you could walk into the enclosures and be very close to the animals, which was very nice.


Part 2: La Gomera

The second week we stayed at the island of La Gomera. It’s highest point is Garajonay with 1487m above sealevel. A big difference with Tenerife, but because of the difference in altitude it also has a different climate and landscape. It has a lush rainforest from Laurel trees, a so-called Laurisilva. On the island we mostly were hiking, therefor we have less photos than we have from Tenerife.

La Gomera
Olga during a hike
Incredibly beautiful sunset from Alto de Garajonay, which is the highest point of La Gomera

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