Timelapses are sped up versions of normal-speed videos. It’s either achieved by simply speeding up a video, but most of the times it’s done by taking a number of photos with an interval between them and then adding them as frames together to create a video. When I saw the many timelapse videos on the internet I knew I wanted to try it myself once too. It took a bit of planning, and needless to say also quite some time, but I managed to capture several scenes that I think are quite interesting. I worked with a framerate of 60fps, meaning for every second I needed to take 60 photos. In total I took around 13.000 photos over 9 different scenes and edited them then together via Adobe Premiere. The intro to the video has been made using Adobe After Effects.

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About Venlo

Venlo is a municipality and city in the south-east of the Netherlands, in the province called Limburg. Venlo has it’s roots in the Roman era when it was founded as a trade post, one of the most importants ones in the¬†Meuse-Rhine area. In 1343 it received it’s city-rights making it a 670+ year old city today.

During World War II Venlo played a big part in the development of the war where the British army planned several attempts at assassinating Hitler. Unfortunately they failed, and Venlo was then used by the Germans to justify the invasion of the Netherlands. The Allied forces tried to cut down the German supply lines by bombing the road and rail bridges in Venlo, however during their attempts they also demolished many of the historic buildings in Venlo. The city of Venlo still used these remains in their new construction plans and if you look closely you can see old and new come together at many places, for example the old city wall being a part of a huge car park near the harbour of Venlo.