For the summer of 2016 we already had plans to go with my family to the Black Forest in Germany. However, Olga and me wanted to go somewhere relaxing and warm as well. The decision was quickly made when we saw beautiful pictures of Santorini, Greece. The fact that we both did not visit Greece before did help as well, so we planned 2 days in Athens and 6 in Santorini for our early summer holiday.


Part 1: Athens

The first two days of our holiday we visited Athens. We took our time to enjoy the atmosphere and to see the beautiful old buildings, or what is left of it. Highlight of course was the Acropolis, unfortunately under renovation, so lots of cranes that sort of ruined the photos.

View over Athens as seen from the Acropolis
The Herodes Theatre
Olya in front of the Parthenonas
Part of the remains of the Herodes Theatre
Temple of the Olympic Zeus
Temple of the Olympic Zeus
Olya in front of the Lycabettus
Saint Eleftherios
Metropolitan Cathedral of Athens

Part 2: Santorini

A short flight brought us to Santorini where the beauty of this volcanic island awaited. On the island are two main cities, Thira and Oía, both build at the very edge of a cliff, which marks the start of the so-called Caldera, the crater of the volcano formed by the collapse of an empty magma chamber. In the middle of this caldera, there are two islands visible, which are the top of the active volcano. Of course we visited these islands as well and it’s so nice to see the very difference of the surface.

Thira in the evening
The boat that brought us to the volcanic islands
View over Athens as seen from the Acropolis
At the top of the volcano
Oía sunset - part 1
Oía sunset - part 2
Oía sunset - part 3
Just after the sunset Oía is at it's most beautiful

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